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Academic Checklist for Returning Students

Deciding to go back to college to complete a degree is a big accomplishment – congratulations on making that decision. The excitement of returning can make you feel like you can achieve anything, but how do you keep that drive going as you start classes again? Use this checklist to help you prepare for a successful return to Full Sail.


  • What contributed to my challenges during my prior enrollment? 
  • Have I resolved or adapted to those challenges so that they will not interfere with my education?
  • Does my current work/life schedule allow for me to focus on school?
  • Do I have everything I need to be a successful student, like reliable internet access, stable housing, a flexible work schedule, and transportation (for campus students)?


  • Evaluate your career goals and make sure they align with your degree selection.
  • Re-engage with your why: Reconnect to what you hope to achieve after completing your degree.
  • Assess your schedule and determine how much time per day/week you’re able to dedicate towards schoolwork.
  • Ask those in your life (friends, family, roommates, peers) to support your academic goals by creating an environment that is conducive to your success.
  • Familiarize yourself with Full Sail’s various support teams and commit to asking for help when necessary.


  • Contact the Reentry Team by calling 407.679.0100, or emailing [email protected].
  • Monitor your calls and emails to ensure you are in timely communication with the Academic Relaunch team.
  • Make note of application deadlines and work with our Relaunch Advisors to make sure your request is promptly moving forward. 
  • Once approved, connect with your Program Director and Academic Advisor to address any concerns.
  • Attend all suggested workshops to help familiarize yourself with any new platforms, technology, etc.
  • Once you’ve returned to Full Sail, take advantage of our various student support resources including our Co-Pilot Tutoring Center, Academic Advising Department, Academic Coaching Department, and Program Directors.

Continuing your education is a huge investment in yourself and it requires hard work, dedication, and time. When you set out on a new path to improve your life or career, a support system is essential. Along with your friends and family, your Full Sail community is here for you. We look forward to partnering with you on your journey.

Please Note: Re-entry eligibility will depend on the academic progress made by the student in their previous enrollment at the university. A student who was dismissed or administratively withdrawn by the university may not be eligible for re-entry, depending on the severity of the situation surrounding the withdrawal. To re-enter, a Change of Enrollment (COE) will be initiated by the Relaunch Advisor and/or COE Assessment Team Member and the student must be cleared by all departments before a schedule to return to classes is generated. Re-entry requests must be initiated by the student. Family members may not request a Change of Enrollment (COE) on the student’s behalf. Any balance of tuition must be paid prior to re-entry.

If withdrawn for more than one-year, re-entering students will be charged the currently applicable tuition price and will be responsible for any increased amounts. Students may receive credit only for the common classes that were passed prior to their withdrawal.

Typically, the re-entry process may require students to make appointments with several different departments; therefore, no less than a 30-day notice is required for a standard re-entry. If a student withdraws with plans to immediately re-enter (for example, due to an IOT for more than 90 days), 60 days notice prior to the intended start/enrollment date is required.

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