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Full Sail University offers musicians several different recording opportunities for both studio and live performance video sessions.

If this is your first time working with us, please fill out a Recording Request to begin the process.


We require 3 things to qualify an artist or band for free recording time with our students:

  • Artists must submit an application and recording agreement
  • Artists must submit a 3-song demo by mp3 (8MB or less) or weblink prior to acceptance
  • Artists must provide their own musicians and instruments

During all sessions, we ask for your patience and understanding in working with our students in this educational environment. All consideration will be given in an effort to provide you with a professional recording experience.


Band 4-hour Tracking Sessions

Great for: Bands looking to put together a studio demo to add to their EPK.

Please note: This session entails a 4-hour band tracking session for 2 instruments (or more) to be recorded. You will record all instruments and vocals for one song per session, however scheduling usually permits booking multiple sessions a day to record more material in a short amount of time. Artists receive the ProTools session files and a rough mix.


Artist Sessions

Great for: singer/songwriters who play their own instruments such as vocals with guitar, keys or even larger vocal groups with tracks.

Please note: drums are restricted because students have not had the proper drum mining training at this point in the curriculum.


Band 2-Day Tracking & Overdub Sessions

Great for: bands that are serious about their musical development and recording goals; bands who are on their way up, almost signed, or are marketing themselves independently are ideal.

Please note: bands with horns and other acoustic instruments will get priority booking because of the different micing techniques that these instruments require. Live drums are required for these sessions.

Bands are scheduled for two consecutive days. On day one, they will track the rhythm section including drums, bass, guitar, keys, etc. On day two, only the vocalist is required to show up for their overdub session, but guitar players are also encouraged to attend.

Show Production Live Sessions

Great for: bands that would like to record a live session in a venue (without an audience), and be provided with a live performance digital download with the stereo mix from the broadcast room and a CD rough mix from the simulcast room before the band leaves the night of the session.

Please note: the band is expected to play a one-hour set (two sets maybe be available, if interested) and the hours are generally 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. or 10 p.m. - 12 a.m., but hours may vary.

Vocal Production Sessions

Great for: vocalists that want to record vocals to a backing track.

Please note: Must have pre-recorded instrumental track or high-quality karaoke track to record lead vocals and overdub harmonies over. Tracks must have rhythm section and no vocals. 2-hour session to record 1 song. Sessions now start at 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m., and 7 p.m..

Artist Relations will then deliver original files of all the vocal takes from the session, plus a student mixes of the song via digital download. The vocalists are scheduled for a 2-hour session to track the lead vocal and background vocals for one song. During the course of this lab, the students are required to record 4 to 6 takes of the lead vocal.


Treehouse Live Video Sessions

Must have: one live instrument other than vocals such as guitar or keys. 4-hour studio session to record 1 set (45-60 minutes) of songs.

Contact Artist Relations


Questions: 407.551.1088
Email: [email protected]

Note: Please park in reserved spaces for Artist Relations

Mailing Address

Full Sail University
Attn: Artist Relations
3300 University Blvd. Suite #160
Winter Park, FL 32792


Bands/Artists can fax their applications and email their MP3s to:

Fax: 407.215.7543
Email: [email protected]

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