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Full Sail University


Health and Safety

Will face masks be required on campus?

  • Upon return to campus, Full Sail will provide students with an appropriate face mask. Cloth face masks or personal face masks will also be acceptable.
  • Face masks or coverings must be worn by anyone on campus when in the presence of others and in any common areas inside buildings or outside where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. The face mask or covering is not a substitute for social distancing. Face mask patterns and designs should be professional and respectful of our educational environment.
  • Students who cannot wear a face mask or covering must contact the Student Support team.
  • Full Sail will provide to any guest who is required and approved to be on campus a face mask or covering if the guest does not have one.

How do I get personal protective equipment (PPE) if I don’t have it or forget to bring it?

Face masks will be available at temperature kiosk stations if a student forgets to bring their own face mask to campus.

If a student is unable to obtain face mask at a kiosk site, there are other areas such as designated lobbies and assistance that will be provided to the student in procuring a mask. Hand sanitizer will also be available at building front desks and throughout campus. Students will be trained upon reentering campus on how to obtain a face mask.

What should I do if I see someone on campus who is not wearing a mask?

Prior to campus reopening, a new GPS system and Code of Conduct related to COVID-19 health and safety guidelines will be posted for all community members to follow. If you feel uncomfortable, please let your instructor know or a Student Support team member.

How will temperature checks work?

Everyone’s temperature will be taken upon entering campus facilities. Because of this added precaution, a student may need to arrive earlier than usual to get to their classes on time. Additional instructions will be provided closer to the July and August start dates, and this information/training will be provided to students before they return to campus. If a student arrives on campus and demonstrates symptoms of illness or has a temperature above the acceptable limit, the student will be ask to leave campus and will be provided with protocol for what steps to take next. If you are sent home due to a high temperature or if you are experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms, you may continue your course work through FSO and also may not prematurely return to campus if you do not meet the criteria of having properly quarantined.

Where are the temperature kiosks located?

Currently the temperature checks are located at the locations below:

  • Behind Building 1, near the Recording Studios (Room 109A)
  • FS2 Lobby
  • FS3B Lobby
  • FS 3F Lobby
  • FS 4A Lobby

All temperature kiosks will operate from 8:30am – 5:30pm with the exception of FS2 and FS3B which will be open 24/7.

What if I am high risk or live with someone who is high risk for infection?

If a student is at high risk for infection, lives with someone who is high risk, or may need some flexibility due to childcare or child school-related issues, the student should continue conducting their course work through the FSO platform. Full Sail University will continue to extend its online learning options for all campus students.

What sanitization protocols will be in place?

The Full Sail Facilities team is currently in process of modifying the campus to minimize health and wellness risks to students and staff for the modified in-person instruction for July and August. New sanitization procedures are in place for all campus spaces as well as for campus equipment and technology. Sanitization stations will also be available throughout the campus, new hygiene protocols will be in place, and additional health and safety signage will be posted to guide you.

What measures are being taken to facilitate social distancing?

Six-foot parameter signage are in place throughout campus and new lab seating arrangements. New lab seating and spacing protocols will be in place upon students’ return to campus, and additional health and safety signage will be posted to guide the community. In addition, events and group gatherings will remain virtual and recreational spaces will remain closed until further notice.

What if there is a COVID-19 outbreak?

We are fully prepared to return to a remote work and blended learning environment if needed. If at any point students feel anxious about their health and safety on campus, we encourage them to opt in to online classes. Contact Student Support at [email protected] to discuss moving to the online platform with the Student Support team.

What if a student thinks they might have been exposed COVID-19?

Students will be required to report any COVID-19 symptoms through their daily attestation form that is in Full Sail One so we can support them and provide COVID-19 guidance and exposure instructions.

How will faculty and staff prepare for the return?

Full Sail University will follow a phased approach to returning staff and faculty to work on campus, allowing flexibility for continued remote work on a case-by-case basis as needed.

Classes and Advising

How will this affect my classes?

All courses will incorporate online learning to some extent. Some courses will meet regularly on campus, some courses will offer a revised schedule with reduced required face-to-face instruction time, and some courses will continue using the blended format online.

If you are in one of the July or August term selected lab courses listed on Full Sail One and have chosen to come to campus, you will notice some days/times for labs under “Learn/Schedules”. Schedules for selected lab courses will be listed as normal or you will be directed to report to rooms where you will receive your lab schedules. If you don’t see your lab schedule, you will be contacted by your instructor for further directions. You are also welcome to contact your instructor for information at any time.

Students may always opt to take their courses fully online if this makes them feel more comfortable.

How will this affect class schedules?

Classroom scheduling will be adjusted to take into account room capacity, social distancing, safety, and traffic patterns. Student group sizes will be reduced when meetings are scheduled to take place on campus.

When will I be able to see my July or August schedule?

July schedules are available to view in Full Sail One, and Academic Advisors are prepared to assist with changes if needed. August schedules will be available soon - please contact [email protected] with any questions.

How does this affect my classes that are already scheduled?

Full Sail staff is auditing upcoming courses to allow priority on campus to those that demonstrate the strongest need for in-person instruction. Above all, we are working to ensure that students and their peers are safe and that risk is minimized. Once schedules are released, students can work individually with their Academic Advisors if they need more context on how they will engage with their courses.

What if I don’t feel comfortable returning to campus or am at high risk for COVID-19?

Online classes are still available so students do not have to experience a delay in their education. Contact [email protected] to discuss moving to an online modality with the Student Support team.

How can I work with my Advisor?

You can schedule an online meeting with your Academic Advisor at any time to discuss concerns regarding your courses. Contact [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

Campus Spaces

How will campus spaces, equipment, and technology be sanitized?

Full Sail University will employ new cleaning methods that will be performed after class sessions and after each workday. Full Sail is committed to following CDC guidelines regarding cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation.

  • Full Sail has enacted a schedule of routine cleaning of often-touched surfaces, with more frequent cleaning and disinfection arranged for common areas including lobbies, breakrooms, and restrooms.
  • Through regular cleaning efforts, a heightened cleaning and disinfection focus will be placed on items that are frequently touched, such as door knobs, light switches, countertops, door handles, door keypads, exit buttons, door glass, light switches, handrails, lobby desks, lobby desk phones, and drinking fountains.
  • All students and faculty are required to wipe down all work areas with wipes containing at least 70% alcohol before and after working at any space.
  • Copiers, printers, filing cabinets, computers, light switches, door knobs, and tables will need to be wiped down before and after working at that space. Use of these items should be kept to a minimum with designated employees being responsible for copiers, printers, and filing cabinets when possible. When allowable, common-use interior doorways should be kept open to reduce repeated contact with door knobs.

What will classroom adjustments look like?

Six-foot distancing parameters are in place throughout campus. Many of our classrooms’ layouts and capacities will be modified. A sample modification may be blocking off every other computer in a lab environment to provide ample space between seating.

All new health and safety campus lab procedures will be in place, and students will be trained on how to comply with these new standards on entering the lab. Students will be instructed not to alter the seating arrangements, the gear positioning, and/or the electrical cable layout in order to honor social-distancing protocols.

Some campus classrooms will be outfitted with cameras to allow students both on and off campus to participate synchronously during class sessions using teleconferencing software.

Additional health and safety signage will be posted to guide foot traffic.

Events and group gatherings will remain virtual, and recreational spaces will remain closed until further notice.

Will the student common areas be open?

Student common areas will not accessible in July or August.

Will campus tours still be available?

Daily Tours and our Behind the Scenes event will be offered virtually until further notice. The campus will not be open to the public during the July and August terms.

Am I able to come to campus to use the Wi-Fi?

We are asking that all students not currently participating in selected labs please remain off campus for the July and August terms.

Will Student Clubs and Organizations still be allowed to meet on campus?

All Student Clubs and Organizations are asked to remain off campus until further notice. We encourage groups to meet virtually until normal campus operations resume.

Are any of the food service stations open for students to use in between labs?

All staffed food service stations and water fountains are temporarily closed. Food and drink should be brought from home but plan accordingly as you will not have access to any refrigerators or microwaves. Water-bottle filling stations will remain open – you can find signage around campus to locate these stations to refill water bottles. Vending machines will still be accessible. Please follow the sanitary use procedures posted by vending machines to use them safely.

Am I able to access the Library?

The Library itself will be closed, but students are able to access Library resources online through Full Sail One.

I’m scheduled to graduate in the upcoming months, will my graduation be held on campus?

Full Sail will not hold any large school events until further notice, such as Graduation and New Student Orientation. These will remain in a virtual format.

Financial Aid

How will my Financial Aid be impacted?

Your Financial Aid will continue to be awarded based on your enrollment status and FAFSA eligibility.

How will I be impacted if I am a work study?

Contact Ann Savage or Desiree Marcelin at [email protected] to discuss your work study position.

How can I meet with my Financial Aid Advisor?

You can reach your advisor by phone or email using the listing below.

Additionally you can visit Full Sail One and submit a ticket for assistance.

Administration and Other Departments

Are other departments returning to campus in July or August to resume face-to-face meetings?

No, at this time most departments will remain off campus and will continue to serve students remotely. We encourage all students to communicate with the various student service teams (Financial Aid, Admissions, Enrollment, Academic Advising, Student Loan Management, Career Dev, and etc) through alternate communication methods such as phone, text, email, and Zoom for assistance.

Student Life

Will the student common areas be open?

Student common areas will not be accessible in July or August.

Will there be events on campus?

Events and group gatherings will remain virtual until further notice.

Ongoing Communication

Full Sail University will continue to communicate with our community through the following channels:

  • Additionally, you can find more resources at Orange County's website at, the Health Department’s COVID-19 website at, or the CDC's website at
  • For any other questions related to COVID-19 in Florida, please contact the Health Department’s COVID-19 call center at 1.866.779.6121 or [email protected] (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).
  • Please visit to locate and obtain contact information for your local County Health Department.